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Fresh German Nürnberg Bratwürste

Fresh German Nürnberg Bratwürste

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450 grams . 5 pcs per pack 

Possible Nutrition Claims :

Sugar Free / Excellent Source of Protein


Nürnberg Bratwürste is  originally made using sheep casing. It is famous for its small size. The sausage is 7-9 cm long weighing approximately 20-25 g (1 oz = 28 g). The manufacture of bratwürste in Nuremberg is a centuries-old tradition which goes back to 15th century.

Since we do not have source of sheep casing in the Philippines , we are using natural hog casings hence  the reason for its bigger shape and plumpier look  but the flavor is the same , the sweetness of marjoram and symphony of natural salt in this sausage.